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hange. change. jeff.... the carrrout behind me issnot onny known for what - customers ccll good food... it's also known to be a place there was a call to shut phe place down..... -3 bbt tonight..... a peighborrood ppan.. will help the popular business remain open. 3 communiiy leaaers and owners of yau rothers - carryoot have given the lace a business makeover.... a mmve, after a customer is ssot and killed inside thh carryout on halloween night, one year ago.. the robbery and shoooing caughtton camera.. the suspected gunmmn, who's been arrested, seen wearing the red hoody. after he kiiling, commmnity leaders demanded changes from restaurant ooners or be forced to close the carryout.. where four people have been shot and killed in -3 the last three years. both sides chose change... &pincluding removing drug paraphernalia and tobacco prrducts to make bllnts from the restauuant. 3 (haynie) "we immediately worked witt hem toohaveethat removed from their business. so, if they're marketed as a
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restaurant, they're a restauuant selling restaurant food. the inside of thh enviroment,,we assisted them in cleaning it up." pp." 3 the restaurrnt cleaning it up." & up."we assisted them in & up." the restaurant has a new paint job, brighter lights anddsecurity cameras outside............haynie ssys & tte business issgetting a nnw name too... 3 the carryout and community are preppring for a happening later this month. they say the new name will be revealed at that time. &p live in north baltimore, keitt daniels foxx45 news, late edition. - 3 a terrifying carjaaking in north east baltimore this morning. a man mmde off with - a stolen car.... with a 7-year-old boy sitting in the backseat. backseattit happened outside a home day care centtr. the runniig while he wenn inside tooddop off his younger child. whennhe came out, the car was gone - his son still inssde. luckily, the tteif leet the
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boy go a shorr time later. he is noo safe anddsound. but the crook ann the caa arr &pptill on the llose. 3 care."> 3 police say the boy was unharmed. he's back home noo pith his parents. & 3 two... men... - face... more charges.../ in... connnction... and... & sexual assaults.../ in ...the city.../ and... baltiiorr county. least... two... abductions... occcrrrd... laat month.... near... a... bus stop... on... edmondson -3 avenue... and... ingleside... during... the day....///25... year old... william campbell.../ and... 22-yearrold... kenyon waller... were... arrested last month....//bbt ... they've... now been... linked to... at least... - six... other crimes. (johnnon) "tte oung women were forced into the suv at & gunpoint and riven to a ccmpbell forced hee at sex aats." actt."
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,3 both campbell... and waller... are... being held... without baltimore oonty. 3 3 3 first on fox a... vote of... "no confidence"... in... the city... &p school... police chiee.../ shortly after....a... fox 45 investigation... reveals possible pressure... put on officers... criie in schools. -3 3 the ...schoollpolice union... revealedd.. thee ote... in p letter... to school cco ...andress lonso..../ the... lettee says... nearly... 75%... of offfiers... voted... theyyhave...."no confidence"... in....chief... marhsall goodwin's... - aaility... to ruu phe department. .../ after... a... fox 45 investigationnfound ... dzens oofcrimes... in... school .../ wwre... ot eported -3 citt pollce. / &pinsteaa,... school officials... were using ....hat's knoon as... an... 1:33:04 i would say the 3 rise. i would say it's on the - riss and again whh is responsible for thht? upper levee management upper level anaagment. union officiils... plan to meet... wwth alonso... to discuss the vote latee this - ponth
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3 it's ooficial, baltimooe haa a new top cop. anthony batts was officially sworn-in ttnight as the ity's new police & commissioner. the ddc native and former oakland, california police chief as hired in job since september. but batts may have hhs work cut out for -3& him. so ar... the number of homicides in the city ttis - yeaa is 189... 13-more than ttis time last year! 3 1144 our solutionnsare all based on police and we have to get outside of that, and we 3 communitt, we have to tap intt tap into our business community to hhlppus to go - further aad to becooe that saae city, to take on 3 philadelphia to be tte place 59be the place to come 59 59 3 batts sayy while the number of murders are up... he nntes 3 a... grand pury .... &pindicts... a howard county man ... accused... of... secretly videotaping... two women... in... their... ellicott ccty condo. was arresttd last -3 month ... after... police... reeeased this video... &pshowing him... setting up... & hidden cameras... inside the condo...
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on... montgomery road....///police.... believe... he knew... the womenn.../ and... sed. ..a... copiee key... to enter theii home... duringgthe -day...///. one... -3 woman... found the camera in her closet...///. mckenny's... held without baii. 3 hundrrds ggthered in owntton baltimore today, joined by proup, protesting today a prrposed youth jail in east baltimore. 3 jesse jackson waa joined by the city council president and other counncl members... who all say a brand new youth jail is ánot wanted.insteaa, people want money to be reinvested & into youth january, occupy protesters were arresteddat the proposed 3 juveniles who are charged s adults...accussd of seriius the jaii...and a spokesperson &pforrthe mayor's office says it would replace the currentt 3 3 "pac centers, apprenticeehips, othhr things to do with kids than just throw them behinddbars" bars"""ecomes a jail hotel, we & pust build houses for parents, not just detenttoo ceettrs, these child deserve ome plan is not the
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3 pnswer, it is not" not" 3 the youth jail willlbe unded --3 by tte state. 3 its art f a new campaign launched by the city's health department to encourage african american men to et 3 hiv.... its an ad... on the charm city circulatorr.... a baltimmre's downtown neighbohoods... the ad shows scantilly claa... with aa message underneath whhch makes a slang reference to the male anatomy... and thatts what has some city residents uusst. 3 they could have said get on board b bravv get teeted thats not sending the right messaae to our children t was vulgar...3&p the health eparttent ssys & the reason for targeting black men is a 72 percent increase & in gay and bisexual black mmn
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& tesstng posstive for hii in city cliiics.... &3 that brrngssus to ur questionnof the day. doo ou 3 far? 3 head to our ffcebook page and let us know ii you thinks it's raising awareness or just eyebrrws. 3 a portion of northh charles street remains shutdown tonighttas crees struggle to repair a huge water main break. break. 3 it burst early yesterdaa mornng near the intersection within seconds, water had covered three blocks of & charree... ssme of it flooded area businessee. developers, whooare restoring the landmark, cheeapeake restauraat, have spent all day pumping 8-feet of water out of new electrical system and &pdelayed the opening by two months. 3 p4:03:20) "it was shocking but i didn't hhve time to be shocked." (3:50:44)) "it was completely submerged in water...up to therr..." the city is still take tt repair the break. innthe meantime, tte area around charles nd north
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-3 avenuu remminn clossd. 3 3 the bus driver who fell asleep pt the wheel and killed four -3 of his ppsssngers was found guilty today. ttday. kim cheeng lost pontrol of his tour bus on iiterstate 95 in may of last yearr our passengers were killed aad almost 500others - were injured. the bus was on the roote to ew york when the driver dozed off hit a cable barrier and fllpped the bus. the nttb says tte company is & po balme allng with the driver for not maaing sure their people had nough sleep. cheeng will bb senteced in &pjanuary. 3 -3 3 3 aa.. good day for america's waistlines. waistlines. for the ffrst - time in almost a decade.../ &pdropped...//. the company says there was aamost a two percent fall in sales laat -3 month...///. that hasn't happened since 20033..//. americcns connume more tthn a mcdonalds every year.../. that's realll bad news... for five and a half miilioo
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cows... annually. 3 could puerto rico... eeome the 51st state? state?on tuesddy... aamajority 3 favor offstatehood.but critics &psay the resultssmay have but critics say he reeults may have been skewed... since not all of the options for puerto rico's political ssatus weree listed in the questions. as of now... puerto ricoos 4 million residentssare merican citizens... who cannot vote for president. 3 some good news... in the aftermath... of... hurricaae sandy...// a... marine... rescue team... saved - "loggerhead"... turtle ggs... from ...assateague island.../ ábbforeááthe storm... hit...//. first on fox toniiht...//: one juss hatched ... aa... the rescue center..... 3 the hatchhlng... is... center... in fells point...//. this is the first time an endangered turtle has been & hatched onn iie. rescuers say the eegs had zero change of surviving the cold sandy hit, so hey had to be
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mmved off the shore. now - this tiny ttrtle has become a expeets. (amber face to turtle)"this is definately the irst baby ive had to take care oo here...and i can say all of us are like -3 proud new moms at the aquarrum "(amber low angle)"yes.. he is the little miracle thatt occcred before the 3 hurricane.. laugh" laugh" loggerhead turtles can grow to be 300 poundss they -&phope when his hatchling is little bigger and strooger he - can be rellased back into the wild off the coast oo north &pcarolina. 3 3 another cold 3 pighh in altimorr. baltimore..- 3 but a weekend warmup is on the payyafter this noreaster moved out. out. 3 let's go to chief mmteerolooist vytts reii with a look at what's happening noww
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3 of this little irl. why the ravens linebackerris talking aboot her on facebook. 3 the victims confront a killer. the message from mmn who shot his wifee 3 a multi million dollar heiit. how these thieves drove right out the front door. 3 3 the victims in
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3 phe tuuson shooting massacre getting some closure today -- 3 sentencee the maa who killed six nd wounded 13 others. others. 3 dan springer... was in the courtrrom... as the victims... confronted the man... who tried tt end theii lives. -3 lives. 3 3--3 3 news."springer, fox
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3 news." 3 -3 3 p3 she's caught the attention of
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tte ravens. why terell suggs -& says he's glad he won't have to play hhr. 3 33 a heisttstraight 3 3 her.won't have to play ssys hees glad he why ttrell suggs ravens. why teeell suggs sayy he's glad he why terell suggs ravens.attention of the she's caught the 3 3 3 3 news." 3&p 3 3 3 3 3
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3 she's caught the attention of - the ravens. why terell suggs says he's glad he won't have to play her. -33 3 3 a heist straight ffom their getaway vehicles in and out of a busy mall. 3 -3 3
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3 3 m-s-n-b-c-'s... 3 is... n... hot water... for comments...// he... made.../ after... the... &pre-election of president obama...///.he... for... electing... mr. obama... hen... he reeerenced... the positive hurricane sandy... hadd..// pnn.. the president's campaign. campaign. good work for them, for amerrca. i'm so glad we had that ttrm last week becauue i think the sstrmmwas one of those things last weekk "ooh." no, politicallyyi shoulddsay, not in erms of hurting 3 people. 3 ttose comments coming in the early morning wednesday... following the president's & acceptance speech. hurricane ssndy killed more than a
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hundred people... left three million customers ithout power... and caused an pstimated 3-billlon doolars in damage. mattteww pologized for the remark last night... sayiigghe made the commenn at ttree in the morning... after being on tte air for ten hours. 3 common sense says football isn't just for the boys anymore. anymorr. same gorrdn starttd running as a way to &phhr strides turned into what you're seeing here. don't blink or you might miss her. she's one of the fastest kids the salt lake city pee-wee football league has ever seen. the coaches started out just using her ii ddills, but they found thaa no one could actually stop her. so the coacces allowed her into the -3 league and she aa for 25- touchdowns in her first season. terrrl suggs acttally & posted about heron his facebook page saying, hees glad he will be retried by the tiie she makes t to the fl. 3 a daring heist in the - middle of a busy mall. hw the thieees grrbbed more than - three
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million worth of jewelry and drove right out the front door. 3 33
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3 straighttout of aahollywood movie. movve. 3 the cameraa... captured the robbeer... of a london -3 store... where the suspects ...brought their 3 p iside the mall. -3 mall.. take... a look at thii surveillance apparently inspired... by the new bond movie.... , tear down the concourse ...on motorcyyles...//.. they reachh.. a... high-end jewelry
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storr ....nd... rush the &pentrance... witt axes and bats....//// they smash the display cases... and grab moree than hree million... worth of jewels,... rolex and cartier watches..../ the motorcycles ...were foundd abandoned a hort time later... on a nearby golf course...//. there''... no trace of the suspects... and... no one as hurt ...ii the darrng heistt 3 a weekend warmup on the way. way. vytas has he pxteededdforecast which is -3 packing a lot of sunshine. &p3
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3 maryland plays the deffndinn night...the one ppayer kentucky's head coach says makes the erps a contender... next in sports unlimited... 3 sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute" look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle.
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3 the ate editton, i'm jeff barnd. 3 and i'm jennifer giibert, here's bbuce cunningham witt -3& sports unlimiied. unlimitedd 3 3 3 3 as they prepar foo the oakland - raiders, the rrvens aredealing with some injuries...starrers haolit ngata and marshall yanna both missedpractice today with knee botherrng him, toono worr on the availabilty forreithhr on sunday....--3 sunday... and you can believe this little fellow's gonnn gethis &pname called uite a bit,,,ray happened to he raider d.. tampa bay rookie doug martin shredded them ffo 251 yaads -& pnd foor ouchdowns last the raiders come into bbltimooe with an
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embarrassed defense...and thht makes themvery dangerous... john harbaugh: "i'm ssre &ppeople have looked at us you know the same way seven weeks. when you underrtand why those thinns happen..they cann pay a -3 lot better gainst tte runn they do play better against - thh run. there were four or -3 five went big for them.. them." 3 joe flacco: "i think you got to look at thh games aa a whole aad see how people have aatacked been successfuu..i think he (doug martin) did a good job of running through some tackles and creating some yardage after ccntact. then, when heedid get it in the open he made sureehe got in the end good jobbobvioussy. i think we stick with trust in our guyy oot is called and ran that weere going to have the ability to go do some of those same hings."" 3 p3 as we reeorted yesterday, maarland's fortuues got quite - a boost yesterdaywhen the ncaa cleared transfer dez wells to
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play...and play immediately... he'll be on the floor this friday night, wwee the terps &take on defending national champpon kentucky... kentucky... & 3 wells was kickeddoff the team at xavier afterrhis arresttfor sexual assault, butthe charges &pwereenever processed and were his appeal, wells pointtd out that he was removeddfrom school...he wasn't trying to transfer..the ncaa agreed and reinstated him, and according tt fridaynnght's ooponent, that changes things quite a bii.... 3 "it's gooddffr that kid, it's heewill make maryland ow legitimattly one of those &pteams. they were neeeed that onn guy and he is that one guy. hees that good." 3 3 that good."he is that one guy. that ggod." to the football side...and more baa injury news....te terps will be wiihoutttheir breakout starsttfon diggs, this saturday against clemson.. he has aa injured annle, and hassspent all this weekin a wwlkinn boot, but the injury is not expecced tomake him
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diggg is second inntheacc in all purpose yards.. 3 while buck showalter has been -3 named oneeof three finaaists for the baseball writers' v ersion of the manager of the year award..but hhs -& counterpart innthe front office is not in the running for one of his own... own... 3 general manager dan duquette as shut out...received no the sportingnews executive of thh year balllting...duquett e'sssavvy moves helped the season berth in 15 years, but got him no love from the vottrs..oakland's biily beane &pwon with 31 of the 57 otes - cast...nationals gm mike rizzo finished secondd it's now time to announce our high school game of the week - winner...brought to you by varsity sports network dot comm.. & the slimmest of margains you elected dundalkk and owings mills in the 2a north semifinal...that game will be plaaed at lansdowne at & who voted this week...tune in tomorrow night for tte - highlightss.. -3 3 that'll do it for this edition of sports unliiited...i'm bruce cunnnigham...tuue in to -3 fox45 morning neww tommrroww--
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ahem. maura, i, uh i want you to know i've given this a lot of thought. i'm sorry, but, we, uh we have to break up. no.
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